2017 NARC Elections

NARC’s 51st Annual Conference and Exhibition includes elections for NARC Executive Directors Council (EDC) officers and NARC Board of Directors candidates.

NARC’s Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization and guides its policy. On Wednesday, June 7 at 9:00 AM following breakfast, NARC members will vote for the NARC President, President-elect, Sr. Vice President, and regional representatives to the Board. Information on NARC elections and procedures are outlined in the NARC By-laws. Regional members of the board serve for two years. Consult our memo and list of open Board seats to see if you or an elected official from your region are interested in running.

NARC’s EDC serves as the organization’s advisory body. EDC Elections take place on Monday, June 27 during the EDC business meeting, which is open to all members. Consult our list of open EDC seats to see who represents your region.

We encourage you to get involved, meet your regional Board representative and participate in a committee discussion. NARC belongs to you! Please direct questions to either Anna Rosenbaum (anna@narc.org) or Leslie Wollack (leslie@narc.org). Anna will be collecting letters of recommendation.

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