LOT Coalition Letter Re: Woodall #28

Earlier today, NARC and other local government organizations sent a letter to the House opposing the proposed amendment (Woodall #28) to the Transportation – Housing and Urban Development (THUD) bill, Make America Secure and Prosperous Appropriations Act of 2018 (H.R. 3354).

The amendment would:

  • Eliminate the exemption for STBGP and safety programs, making them subject to rescission; and
  • End the proportional drawdown of unobligated balances.

This amendment puts at risk the limited commitment the recent FAST Act made to providing funding to local projects. Further, it would allow states to draw disproportionally from programs that provide the greatest amount of support for local projects – namely STBGP, TAP, CMAQ, and metropolitan planning.

Click HERE for the letter.

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