2015 National Conference of Regions


Thank you for joining the NARC for the 2015 National Conference of Regions.
Session summaries and presentations are available HERE.
For those of you that missed the event, scroll down to see photos and what people were saying about it!


Twitter_logo_blue_50w  SEMCOG @SEMCOG Feb 8 – We’re at #ncr15 @NARCregions in Washington DC sharing best practices with our peers.

Silver-Line-Tour-3Twitter_logo_blue_50w  Jon Commers ‏@commers Feb 9 – US metros gaining with 2/3 of population, 3/4 of GDP, notes @bruce_katz; 2016 debate needs to reflect we are a #metro nation. #NCR15
Twitter_logo_blue_50w  CALCOG ‏@The_CALCOG Feb 9 – La Hood on “repatriation” to pay for highway bill ,”that kite’s not gonna fly,” calls for raising gas tax 10 cents/gal. @NARCregions #NCR15
Twitter_logo_blue_50w  BAFuture.org@BAFuture Feb 9@RayLaHood “We need a 6 year bill and a big pot of money” #NCR15
Twitter_logo_blue_50w  EDA @EDA_US Feb 9 – Thank you @NARCregions for advancing regional #collaboration for job growth at #NCR15
Twitter_logo_blue_50w  Mobility Management ‏@nc4mm Feb 9 – RT @NARCregions: Transportation is the number one issue related to aging #NCR15 #regionsmatter


Twitter_logo_blue_50w  Ty Warner ‏@TyAICP Feb 9 – @n4aACTION Need to plan for communities that aren’t just great places to grow up, but great places in which to grow old. #NCR15
Twitter_logo_blue_50w  Marla Dorrel ‏@mdorrel Feb 9 – @TRUCKINGdotORG Darrin Roth: Driver shortage could balloon to 240,000 – big trouble if it gets there. #ncr15 #freight
Twitter_logo_blue_50w  CALCOG ‏@The_CALCOG Feb 9 – “When Chicago freight gets a cold, the national freight network gets the flu,” Former FRA head Joe Szabo talks freight @NARCregions #NCR15

Twitter_logo_blue_50w  Purchase ADD ‏@PurchaseADD Feb 10 – “Skills aren’t a red issue or a blue issue; they’re a red, white AND blue issue.” -DOL, ETA Asst Sect Portia Wu #regionsmatter #NCR15
Twitter_logo_blue_50w  Jon Commers ‏@commers Feb 10 – Sunaree Marshall from @HUDresilience: We are at inflection point across all areas of #infrastructure; future is multifunctional. #NCR15
Twitter_logo_blue_50w  Ty Warner ‏@TyAICP Feb 10 – @aashtospeaks No shortage of TECHNICALLY feasible solutions to HTF shortfall – challenge is lack of political will to settle on one. #NCR15
Twitter_logo_blue_50w  Jerry Abramson @Abramson44 Feb 10 – Great speaking w/ @NARCregions today! Did you know that the top 100 metro areas = 1/8 of US land but 91% of our GDP?


Twitter_logo_blue_50w  SEMCOG @SEMCOG Feb 11 –  In #Washington at #NCR15, talking to @SenGaryPeters. @NARCregions
Twitter_logo_blue_50w  WFRC @WFRC RT @lawollack Feb 11 – @WasatchCouncil heads to Capitol Hill talking about regional priorities. Thanks for attending @NARCregions #NCR15

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