About NARC

The National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) serves as the national voice for regions by advocating for regional cooperation as the most effective way to address a variety of community planning and development opportunities and issues.

NARC’s member organizations include regional councils, councils of governments, regional planning and development agencies, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and other regional organizations. NARC’s member organizations work collaboratively with their communities – large and small, urban and rural  to address their citizens’ needs and promote a regional approach to planning for the future.

NARC member organizations are driven by a dedicated group of local elected officials and professionals who work with community leaders and citizens to build local capacity; develop and implement strategic investment plans; foster regional cooperation and economic competitiveness; forge public and private partnerships; and secure and manage funds from local, state, federal, and private sources.

For over 50 years, NARC has represented the interests of its members and has advanced regional cooperation through effective interaction and advocacy with Congress, federal officials, and other related agencies and interest groups. NARC’s agenda includes transportation, economic and community development, energy and environment, public safety, and a variety of community issues undertaken by its member organizations.

NARC provides its members valuable information and research on key national policy issues, federal policy developments, and best practices. The association conducts enriching training sessions, conferences, workshops and webinars for its members.


Vision and Mission