Federal Budget

NARC is active on annual federal budget issues impacting regional planning organizations and their local governments. Please use the information and resources below to help guide a general understanding of and up-to-date activities on the federal budget.

NARC Resources

NARC’s Preliminary Budget Analysis (FY2016)
White House Fact Sheet on the Budget (FY2016)
NARC’s  Summary of the President’s FY15 Budget Request (FY2015)
PowerPoint on FY14 Budget – Congressional Activity & the President’s Request
NARC President’s Statement on Continuing Resolution Passage
NARC Release on Municipal Bond Issue in FY14 Budget Resolution
Click HERE for NARC’s general policy positions on the federal budget.

Federal Budget 101

Timeline and Steps
Brief Overview and Core Elements of the Process
Key Terms
Authorization vs. Appropriation
Where the money comes from
How the money is spent
Borrowing and the Federal Debt


Office of Management and Budget (White House Budget Office)


Congressional Budget Office
House Budget Committee
Senate Budget Committee
House Appropriations Committee
Senate Appropriations Committee
Status of Appropriations Legislation FY16
Status of Appropriations Legislation FY15

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