Letters & Analysis


LOT Coalition Letter Re: Woodall #28 Amendment to H.R.3354 (September 2017)

CDBG FY 2018 Funding Support Letter to THUD Members and List of Supporting Organizations (June 2017)

Major Metros Letter to President Trump (April 2017)

NARC/AMPO Support for S.496 Full House Re: MPO Coordination Rule (April 2017)

NARC’s Statement to the Record Re: EPA’s Brownfields Programs (April 2017)

NARC/NACo/NLC/USCM Joint Brownfields Letter (March 2017)

Campaign to Invest in America’s Workforce Issues Letter in Support of Maintaining WIOA Funding (February 2017)

Joint CDBG Appropriations Letter (October 2016)

Joint Brownfields Letter (September 2016)

Joint WRDA Letter to Senate (June 2016)

Joint Brownfields Letter (May 2016)

FY17 House Transportation Appropriations Letter (April 2016)

FY17 Senate Transportation Appropriations Letter (April 2016)

S.192 Older American Acts Endorsement Letter (March 2016)

Lot Coalition Sends Letter to Surface Transportation Bill Conferees (November 2015)

Coalition Letter Outlines Local Issues with DRIVE Act (August 2015)

NARC and NADO Older Americans Act Reauthorization Support Letter (July 2015)

Letter of Support Wicker-Booker Amendment for DRIVE Act (July 2015)

Five Organizations Send Letter to Committee Before Comprehensive Transportation and Consumer Protection Act Markup (July 2015)

NARC President Moore Testifies in Senate Regarding EPA Ozone Standards (June 2015)

President Moore’s Prepared Opening Statement (June 2015)

Comment Letter: FHWA NPRM: National Highway Performance Program and Bridge Condition (May 2015)

Six National Organizations Call for Federal Transportation Funding to Meet Local Needs (April 2015)

Joint Support for the Regulatory Integrity Protection Act of 2015/Waters of the US (WOTUS) Rule (April 2015)

Letter to EPA on National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone / re: Docket No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2008-0699 (March 2015)

Proposed Rule on WOTUS under the Clean Water Act (February 2015)

NARC Sends Joint Comments on Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Proposal to EPA (November 2014)

Press Release: National Organizations Call for Federal Transportation Funding to Meet Local Needs (October 2014)

National Organizations Call for Federal Transportation Funding to Meet Local Needs (October 2014)

NARC Calls on Congress to Increase Local Transportation Funding (October 2014)

NLC & USCM Submit Letter on Transit MPO Representation to FTA Docket (October 2014)

NARC Comments on Proposed Metropolitan Planning Rule (October 2014)

NARC and AMPO Submit Jointly Developed Comments on Proposed Metropolitan Planning Rule (October 2014)

NARC Requests Extension of Comment Period for Planning Rule (August 2014)

Coalition Letter: NARC Thanks House for Overwhelming Support of Workforce Legislation (WIOA) (July 2014)

NARC Urges House to Pass WIA Reauthorization (July 2014)

NARC Urges Senate to Pass WIA Reauthorization (June 2014)

NARC Sends Letter to Senate Finance Committee: PATH Act (June 2014)

NARC Supports Funding Increases in Senate Appropriations Debate (June 2014)

NARC Urges Congressional Action on Workforce Bill (June 2014)

NARC Advises Senate Panel on Transportation Bill Priorities: Pushing Local and Regional Funding, Flexibility, and Authority (June 2014)

NARC’s Letter to U.S. Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee on MAP-21 Priorities (June 2014)

NARC Sends Letter to Senate EPW in Advance of Markup (May 2014)



FAST Act MAP-21 Comparison FINAL (December 2015)

Member Release: NARC Statement on the FAST Act (December 2015)

Side-by-Side Analysis: Current Law, Senate DRIVE Act, and House STRR Act (November 2015)

NARC’s Preliminary Analysis of the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act (October 2015)

Key Provision of Fair Housing Act Upheld by Supreme Court (June 2015)

Senate EPW DRIVE Act Bill Overview (June 2015)

Press Release: NARC Elects 2015-2016 Leadership (June 2015)

GROW AMERICA Act 2.0 Analysis (March 2015)

Section-by-Section Analysis: Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act of 2015 (March 2015)

Summary: Bicameral Hearing on Local Impacts of the WOTUS Rule (February 2015)

Analysis: White House Budget updated 2/3/15 (February 2015)

NARC Memo and Analysis: FHWA NPRM on Performance Measures for Pavement and Bridge Condition (April 2015)

Memorandum: OMB’s Super Circular (February 2015)

NARC and AMPO Release Member Survey Results: MPOs Polled for Reaction to Change in Board Structure (October 2014)

NARC Releases MAP-21 Reauthorization Act Summary (May 2014)

NARC Summary of President’s FY2015 Budget Request (March 2014)


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