Domestic Violence Awareness Month Spotlight: Maricopa Association of Governments

The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) in Phoenix, Arizona has made protecting vulnerable populations and improving quality of life in their region one of their top priorities. This includes being a leader in keeping people safe from and ending domestic violence. MAG’s efforts have been ramped up this fall during Domestic Violence Awareness Month through press conferences and spreading awareness.

On September 30, MAG held a press conference with the City of Phoenix on Tech Safety for Abuse Victims with several speakers from the city and MAG as well as a victim of stalking. The event focused on increasing incidents due to technology and offered a tip sheet for preventing hacking, stalking, and tracking on phones, computers, and other electronic devices. Tips highlight the necessity in turning off tracking settings on devices and checking your privacy settings on social media.

In addition to the press conference, MAG is part of the effort to raise awareness through the purple campaign. Purple is the color used by advocates to raise awareness and symbolizes peace, courage, survival, and honor for survivors and a dedication to ending one of the most serious issues in communities. In MAG’s region, at least 21 cities and towns are participating in the Lighting the Region Purple campaign where lights will remain on throughout the month. Businesses and residents are also encouraged to participate and raise awareness by installing purple light bulbs and wearing purple on October 20.

You can find more information on MAG’s multiple efforts to end domestic violence on their webpage.

(Communities all over the MAG region are using purple lights to signify their participation in DV Awareness Month.)


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