A Roadmap to Green Infrastructure in the Federal Agencies

Green infrastructure is supported by a variety of governmental, non-governmental, non-profit, community and business institutions as a strategy to address an array of environmental and development issues, including air quality, biodiversity and land conservation, climate adaptation, disaster mitigation, economic and community development, urban forestry, public health, and stormwater and water quality control. At its broadest, green infrastructure is the integration of ecological features and services into the built environment to provide a range of human benefits. While any single green infrastructure feature is valuable, a key attribute of green infrastructure is its integration into a larger system and connectivity with other features and spaces. For example, green infrastructure as a strategy for controlling stormwater runoff can also provide recreation space and improve the aesthetic quality of the area, thereby increasing property values. This tool provides a roadmap to understanding how each federal agency defines and implements green infrastructure.  There is not currently a universal definition of green infrastructure within the federal system. Different agencies define green infrastructure differently to reflect their own goals and values, but these definitions contain common elements of ecosystem services, connectivity, and multifunctionality. Click on each federal agency’s column below to learn more about how they value and support green infrastructure. For more information about how green infrastructure addresses the corresponding issue area, click the issue area box.

Air Quality Biodiversity and Land Conservation Climate Adaptation and Disaster Mitigation Economic and Community Development Urban Forestry Public Health Stormwater Management and Water Quality DOC DOD DOE DHS DOI DOT EPA HHS HUD USACE USDA EFC VA Tech CLiGS US Forest Service NARC Image Map

NARC, Virginia Tech University and the University of Maryland’s Environmental Finance Center recently held a webinar to discuss how to use the Roadmap to understand how federal agencies define and implement green infrastructure and how it can be used to bolster regional green infrastructure initiatives. Click HERE for a PDF of the webinar and click HERE for the webinar audio.

For further information, please contact Taylor Markwith at taylor@narc.org.

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