Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) works to protect the health of Americans and provide them with essential human services. HHS focuses on green infrastructure as a method to promote how access to green space is associated with lower levels of obesity, chronic disease, and other health issues. HHS also uses green infrastructure to mitigate excessive heat events in highly urbanized areas as part of their “poverty reduction benefits” strategy.

What is green infrastructure at HHS?

This agency does not specifically define green infrastructure, but uses it as a component of their strategies in dealing with public health issues.

What HHS departments are involved in green infrastructure?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention supports community-level efforts to reduce chronic diseases, improve health, reduce health disparities and control health care spending. Green infrastructure projects have been funded in the past as part of their programs. Specifically, the CDC has worked with the Trust for Public Land’s Center for City Park Excellence to use green infrastructure within healthy park systems to fight against obesity and obesity associated illnesses. In addition, the CDC’s Healthy Community Design Initiative works to improve public health by linking public health with community design decisions, including green infrastructure.

Additional HHS green infrastructure resources:

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