February 8, 2005 Workshop #9

NARC held the ninth in a series of workshops addressing integrating air quality and transportation planning in Washington, DC, on February 8, 2005. This workshop presented strategies that COGs and MPOs can use to control growth and create sustainable communities. It presented scenario planning as a way to involve the public in developing feasible, environmentally sensitive plans. Speakers also emphasized utilizing existing transportation infrastructure and mixed land use policy as a way to achieve smart growth. It addressed some of the tools and processes currently used to create sustainable communities. Presentations also included case studies describing the benefits of scenario planning, regional planning alternatives and visioning that can be addressed in the LRTPs.


John Swanson, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
Joan Rohlfs, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
Ted Graham, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
Robert Goo, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Suzanne Cooper, Principal Planner, Tampa Bay Regional Planning
Sherry B. Ways, Federal Highway Administration
Mike McKeever, Sacramento Blueprint
Paul T. Hamilton, Tri County Regional Planning Commission.
Micheal Morris, North Central Texas Council of Governments
John Poorman, Capital District Transportation Committee
Tom Kane, Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Juanita S. Wieczoreck, Dover/Kent Metropolitan Planning Organization



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