March 26, 2002 Workshop #3

NARC held the third in a series of workshops addressing integrating air quality and transportation planning in Washington DC, on March 26, 2002. This workshop provided participants with case studies on air quality conformity from both large and small COGs and MPOs.


COGs and MPOs often struggle with the challenges of conforming to air quality standards, such as defining the problem, building effective partnerships, overcoming legislative and legal barriers, and addressing land use issues and technical limitations. The case studies in this workshop explored the procedural, institutional, and technical aspects of achieving conformity and provided a better understanding of the fundamentals of air quality planning.



Chris Klaus, North Central Texas Council of Governments

Joan Rohlfs, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

Jane Hayse, Atlanta Regional Commission

Chris Klaus, North Central Texas Council of Governments

David Heller, North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority

Ted Matley, Wilmington Area Planning Council

Marnie Cox, San Diego Association of Governments

Paul Tait, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments

Saleem A. Salameh, KYOVA Interstate Planning Commission


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