October 29, 2001 Workshop #2

NARC held its second in a series of workshops on integrating air quality and transportation planning in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 29, 2001. This workshop provided multiple perspectives on relating land use projects and policies to air quality and transportation planning. COGs, MPOs, state agencies, EPA and FHWA discussed how COGs and MPOs can use land use strategies, incentives, and other options to achieve a healthy balance of transportation investments and clean air.



Annette Liebe, Portland Metropolitan Council

Janet D’Ignazio, North Carolina Department of Transportation

Barry Seymour, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

Don Willard, Mecklenburg County Department of Environmental Protection

Dan Reuter, Atlanta Regional Commission

Mike McLaughlin, San Diego Association of Governments

Alan Powell, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Gary Jensen, Federal Highway Administration


Contact: Erich Zimmermann, Director of Transportation Programs, erich@narc.org or 202.986.1032 Ext: 212

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