Energy Independence & Security

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The National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) supports a coordinated and integrated national vision and funding for local and regional activities and programs that plan for and implement a diverse, clean and secure energy future.



  • Support the federal government partnership with local governments and regional planning organizations to resolve critical energy issues – urban, suburban and rural.
  • Engage directly with local elected officials, who understand the local needs, opportunities and obligations through their “on-the-ground” perspective.
  • Encourage partnerships between federal, state, regional and local government, universities and private industry.


  • Promote efforts that improve energy efficiency and conservation in the transportation and building sector with funding distributed and prioritized at the local level.
  • Support and significantly expand incentives for the research, development and application of technologies that will reduce energy dependency and promote energy efficiency, clean energy, and renewable energy.
  • Support regional energy planning and distribute incentives and funding through multi-jurisdictional regional planning organizations.
  • Fund region energy planning and offer incentives to complete these efforts through multi-jurisdictional regional planning organizations.
  • Ensure federal funding is flexible to meet local needs and desired projects.
  • Oppose measures that create mandates on local governments and/or regional planning organizations without full federal funding.


  • Promote a balanced commitment to conserving energy, protecting the environment, developing new technologies and strengthening the economy.
  • Encourage regional approaches to resolve environmental issues that cross-jurisdictional boundaries.
  • Seek coordination among federal agencies to assist with the implementation of energy policies and programs.
  • Encourage conservation and increased energy efficiency among all geographic regions and sectors of the economy.
  • Support the use of alternative, renewable and diverse energy sources, including nuclear, wind, solar, wave, biofuels, geothermal and natural gas, and ensure that financial incentives for renewable energy production are structured to best encourage the development of such industries.
  • Support research into clean coal technologies to reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Support enhanced energy transmission and “smart” grid technologies and programs.
  • Urge the expansion of green jobs through workforce training in emerging energy and environmental skills.
  • Support state, regional and local programs aimed at reducing high energy costs.
  • Encourage the integration of energy into plans that build livable/sustainable communities.


Regional Councils play a key role in executing national energy policies and technologies across the country. Through broadreaching strategies, long-range planning, public-private partnerships, and the development of locally-grown solutions, regional organizations can help transform the market and set us on a course for a clean energy future. Local governmentled regional planning organizations – urban, suburban and rural — have authority in developing the plans and projects needed to implement our national energy vision. Adequate resources and support are needed to carry out this responsibility.

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