This page is a portal to resources and materials for Rural Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs) and other rural transportation planning and service providers.

RTPO Enabling Legislation Project:

NARC is collecting state enabling legislation and agency bylaws for inclusion on this page.  Once complete, this section will be a unified source for current and prospective Rural Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs or RPOs) to draw upon for model legislation and bylaws.

Minnesota State Statutes- 471.59- Authorization for the formation of agencies that cross jurisdictional boundaries, including RTPOs.

Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 147-  Sections 147.610 through 147.680 (bottom of page) establish and authorize Area Development Districts in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Washington State Chapter 47- Chapter 47 deals specifically with the formation of rural transportation planning organizations.

North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 136, Article 17- A brief, but flexible statute that covers the formation of RTPOs.

Important Links:

Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)- Funded by FHWA and hosted the American Public Works Association, LTAP has a robust library of resources and programs for Rural and Tribal Transportation Agencies.

Economic Research Service- Maintained by the United States Department of Agriculture. This site has important information on rural transportation.

Rural Transportation Toolbox- An aggregation of data sources from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics

From the NARC Transportation Library:

Serving Rural America- A report from FHWA (.pdf, 10MB)

Planning for Transportation in Rural Areas: a Guide for Planning (.pdf, 1.3MB)

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