LOT Coalition Outlines Transportation Appropriations Requests

The Local Officials for Transportation (LOT) Coalition – on which NARC is a member – recently sent a letter to House and Senate leadership to advocate for regional and local funding for important transportation priorities.

The letter in most relevant part read:

“As you consider the FY 2019 THUD appropriations bill we would like to offer our support for specific program funding levels:

  • We were pleased with the increase in FY 2018 for the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBGP) and support further increasing STBGP to $3.7655 billion in FY 2019 as the House bill contains. Further, we request that you increase local spending flexibility by removing the restriction on how the additional general fund appropriations for highways can be invested. Both chambers’ FY 2019 bills limit the expenditure of STBGP funds to highways, bridges, and tunnels under 23USC, Section 133. The STBGP provides state and local governments a great degree of flexibility in how investments are made depending on their needs. We request the final conference report provide similar flexibility on how these additional appropriate funds can be used.
  • We were disappointed that the House and Senate bills reduced funding for both the FTA Capital investments program and the additional general funding for the FTA Formula Grants. Investments in public transportation have demonstrated impacts on reducing congestion, improving air quality, and offering more mobility choices to the public. Therefore, we request, at a minimum, the FY 2019 THUD Conference Report restore the FTA levels back to FY 2018 levels; we would, however, prefer a funding increase above the FY 2018 levels.

“Lastly, we request the FY 2019 THUD Conference Report provide at least the $1.5 billion for the National Infrastructure Investments grants appropriated in the FY 2018 THUD Conference Report. BUILD/TIGER grants offer state and local applicants an opportunity to work with the federal government to invest in many different types of transportation infrastructure projects that deliver measurable benefits to the users of the transportation network.”

You can find the complete letter HERE.

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