Maine Using Creative Workforce Programs to Improve State Economy

The Maine unemployment rate hit a 40-year low of three percent this spring. While some were quick to applaud political actions, others were more convinced the success had to do with workforce programs. The state has grown concerned about its shrinking population and deep skills gap, so new workforce programs are underway to connect understaffed employers with current students and young adults. To prepare this specific population for joining the Maine labor force, many of these workforce programs have been tied to education. Here are just some of the initiatives Maine is working to implement:

  • Investing in its public university system, creating cooperative educational programs and sharpening the focus of their key research and educational programs.
  • Increasing access to college-level courses in high school.
  • Educate Maine, a coalition comprised of businesses in the state, is encouraging its members to develop apprenticeship and internship programs.

Project Log-In has also been created to prepare high schoolers, college students, and nontraditional learners for technology careers. Read Route Fifty’s article to learn more about what Maine is doing to improve their state’s economy.

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