MVRPC Receives “SAFETYS” Award from Ohio DOT

The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) recently accepted a “SAFETYS” award and $3,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation (DOT) for their “Street Smart” pedestrian safety campaign. Launched in 2016, “Street Smart” has presented posters, digital billboard ads, newspaper ads, bus exterior ads, social media posts, and a webpage with safety tips for pedestrians and drivers. Powerful images of men, women, and children with black tire marks across their faces reminded drivers and pedestrians alike that “passengers don’t come with airbags” and to wear bright, reflective clothing at night. MVRPC Executive Director Brian O. Martin said, “the images represent people in your life such as your neighbor, family member, or friend. We want to remind everyone to watch out for pedestrians and that pedestrians should stay alert, establish eye contact with drivers, and walk defensively.” Congratulations, MVRPC!

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