NARC and American University Publish Report on Federal Programs’ Regional Value and Return on Investment

In fall 2012, NARC enlisted the assistance of American University graduate students to collect and evaluate 30 years of federal budget data for six federal programs: the Workforce Investment Act, Federal Highway Administration, Economic Development Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Administration of Aging, and the Drinking Water and Clean Water State Revolving Funds. This 2012 Report, available HERE, revealed that with the exception of the Federal Highway Administration, federal spending for each respective program declined on average.

NARC once again collaborated with American University graduate students to further analyze funding trends for the mentioned federal programs and examine the regional impact and value of the programs. This 2013 report, Impact Evaluation: The Regional Value and Return on Investment of Six Federal Programs, provides qualitative and quantitative analyses to ascertain the regional value and impact of the six federal programs. Findings provide NARC with a criteria-driven assessment of the regional need for these programs. Specifically, the reports contain narratives, findings, and recommendations to drive NARC’s vision and mission as a national public interest organization for regional councils and metropolitan planning organizations nationwide.

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