NARC President’s Statement on Sequestration’s Enactment

Sequestration (automatic, across-the-board $85 billion in 2013 cuts) will go into effect today, Friday, March 1. President Obama has until midnight to order the cuts. Below is a statement from NARC President David Shafer, Clerk/Treasurer, Munster, IN, as well as action for members to take on the sequester. NARC will continue to update members as soon as the full implementation details or any related information becomes available. Visit NARC’s sequestration website for more information.

“Congress and the Administration did not act in time to stop the mandatory cuts under the sequester. NARC will continue work to assess the fiscal impacts to our members as well as work with the Administration on any possible way to lessen the impact of these cuts or minimize them if possible.  I hope that in the coming weeks Congress will act to repeal the sequester and employ common sense strategies and serious negotiations that give us fiscal certainty.”  –NARC President David F. Shafer

CONGRESS – The Senate failed to pass competing sequester relief bills on Thursday. Click HERE to see information on those bills. 

Continuing Resolution: Efforts are underway to repeal or fix sequester through other legislative vehicles including the FY13 Continuing Resolution (CR) which needs to be passed by March 27 to keep the government functioning. Of concern is the embedding of the sequester cuts as a new floor for budget negotiations within the CR, leaving a question whether further reductions could be enacted. Significant harm to national economic growth could occur unless sequester is addressed by March 31, the end of the second fiscal quarter. The timeframe of the CR offers a good opportunity for inserting a full sequester repeal or modification.

ACTION – Contact your congressional delegation immediately and urge them to repeal the sequester in the FY13 CR which must be enacted before March 27 to continue to fund government operations. Click HERE to access a letter. Click HERE to access a congressional directory.

Determine if your member of Congress is on the Senate or House Appropriation Committee. They have jurisdiction over the CR and are critical to the sequester fix. 

TIMEFRAME – The 2013 sequester would last through the end of the fiscal year in October and it is anticipated that defense discretionary programs would be reduced by 13% and non-defense discretionary programs by 9%. This is an increased impact from previous estimates due to the shortened timeframe. NOTE: The sequester, if not fixed, will continue through 2021.

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