NARC Tours Union Station

Last week at NARC’s National Conference, attendees and staff participated in a mobile tour of Union Station train station. Phil Hancock, Assistant Secretary at Amtrak, guided us through the building, providing interesting photos and facts about its history along the way. Check out some of the photos below!

Our tour began in the outdoor market section of the building. During the warmer months local vendors set up shop in this area, offering fresh fruit, nuts/berries, and refreshments in a farmers market-like atmosphere.

Next, we entered the West Hall section of the station. A number of restaurants line this hallway which leads into the Main Hall.

One of Union Station’s main attractions is the magnificent Main Hall:

The East Hall, also referred to as the old Union Station Dining Room:

To finish up our tour, we went outside to see the trains:

Want to learn more about Union Station and its history? Click HERE.

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