Natural Resources Conservation Service New Monitoring Technology

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Chief Jason Weller announced today that there is a new technology available to monitor watershed infrastructure. This software application, known as DamWatch, is a web-based tool that provides 24/7 monitoring of dams and levees. Developed in collaboration with the US Engineering Solutions Corp., DamWatch collects real-time data from meteorological, seismologic, and hydrologic activity and sends alert notifications to essential personnel if a certain risk threshold has been exceeded.

The NRCS has helped construct nearly 12,000 dams; about 2,100 of those are considered high hazard facilities because they are reaching the end of their life expectancy. Though none of these facilities have experienced a breach, NRCS has invested in DamWatch to help maintain, monitor, and manage these critical structures. Mr. Weller has emphasized this new technology will give local municipalities timely capabilities to protect their resources. If the program determines that the integrity of a structure is at risk, it will send an alert to the managers of the structure as well as local authorities to ensure the proper emergency action plan is carried out. While advancing and modernizing their agency, NRCS will help save money, resources, and even human lives through DamWatch.

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