Pathways Out of Poverty

In 2011, NARC, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor, completed the Pathways out of Poverty project. This project combined workforce investment with new certifications and training curricula to help disadvantaged and dislocated workers find opportunity in the green workforce. The team, composed of multiple national and regional partners, helped over 875 individuals earn over 2,100 certification, surpassing target outcomes by as much as 300 percent. The following reports and career ladders were developed as part of the green workforce certifications and training curricula.

Pathways Out of Poverty: Regional Best Practices Report – Executive Summary The executive summary provides an overview of the full Pathways Out of Poverty report, including highlighted success stories, project outcomes and metrics and lessons learned.



Pathways Out of Poverty: Regional Best Practices – Full Report The full report highlights a variety of promising practices and encourages replication of this type of proactive programming by regional councils nationwide.




Apprenticeship Handbook: Propelling Green Career Pathways An apprenticeship program connects workers with structured, on-the-job training in multiple different industries. This handbook provides a highly adaptable model that is competency based and flexible to meet to the employer’s needs.



Career Ladders

Career Ladders and Job Description Packets were developed to assist regional sites in identifying career pathways, training curricula and potential job placements for Pathways program participants. These packets are available for use by regions and communities across the country for the following industries:


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