You Play a Critical Role in Setting National Energy Policy!

NARC is working with the Energy Efficiency Codes Coalition (EECC) and local governments nationwide to alert you and your jurisdiction to an opportunity to vote for more efficient buildings in this fall’s 2018 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) update. The IECC is the basis for the energy code in over 40 states and thousands of local jurisdictions.

The IECC — America’s Model Building Energy Code — is updated every three years in a year-long process that culminates with electronic voting by Governmental Member Voting Representatives (GMVRs) of the International Code Council (ICC). GMVRs are appointed by local governments like yours and are usually code officials, building inspectors, fire marshals, sustainability/policy staff, and other qualified individuals. Each Governmental Member can cast 4, 8, or 12 votes, based on population; who are the designated GMVRs in your jurisdiction?

November’s electronic ICC ballot will contain over two dozen proposals that will rollback or trade away recent landmark efficiency gains, and there are precious few proposals that boost efficiency. If rollbacks prevail, the 2018 IECC will be the first in history to be weaker than the code it updates, jeopardizing support from DOE and from efficiency experts who agree that steady progress is key to meeting long-term sustainability goals. We’re urging concerned local governments to help us defeat the rollbacks and put the 2018 IECC on a glide path of future progress.

Concerned local governments and their Councils of Governments can do their part to strengthen the IECC by:

  • Registering to vote and securing voting credentials as an ICC Governmental Member Voting Representative by September 19.
  • Testifying and casting important procedural “hand votes” in-person at ICC’s Public Comment Hearings in Kansas City (October 19-25). These important votes set the agenda for November’s on-line voting.
  • Casting your on-line ballot with cdpACCESS for code measures that improve efficiency and prevent rollbacks) during the on-line voting period, November 8-21. These votes determine the new IECC.

For your convenience, we have created a Fact Sheet on How to Register and Validate GMVRs by September 19. We will also be offering a free webinar on Monday, September 12 to provide the same information and answer any questions you might have. Click here to register for the webinar!

Please visit our project website for much more information on how the EECC can help you participate most effectively in this important voting process.

And don’t miss this great video featuring America’s mayors explaining why progressive energy codes are so vital to national and community policy!


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