Senate Democrats Infrastructure Plan

Senate Democrats released a Blueprint to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure on Tuesday, pledging a trillion dollars over the next ten years to repair, modernize, and build infrastructure from ports to schools. Infrastructure spending as a percentage of GDP is lower than it has been in the past twenty years, and the Democrats proposal highlights areas where infrastructure spending is most needed. The blueprint targets sixteen discreet areas of investment and outlines potential options for spending. These investments include $100 billion towards reconstructing roads and bridges, a $10 billion TIGER Grant expansion, $25 billion for community resilience projects, $110 billion for water and sewer rehabilitation, and $130 billion to repair and expand transit systems. The Democrats expect this federal investment to generate 15 million new jobs in industries like construction and manufacturing. To pay for these investments, Democrats suggest closing tax loopholes or relying on the generation of revenue through job creation, but ultimately left the question of how to fund their proposal to the administration.

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