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The National Association of Regional Councils is partnering with Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), Meister Consultants Group, Inc. (MCG), and Council of State Governments (CSG) on the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) SunShot Initiative Rooftop Solar Challenge (RSCII) grant.

RSCII incentivizes regional awardee teams to make it easier and more affordable for Americans to go solar. By streamlining permit processes, updating planning and zoning codes, improving standards for connecting solar power to the electric grid, and increasing access to financing, teams will clear a path for rapid expansion of solar energy and serve as models for other communities across the nation. RSCII is part of the SunShot Initiative, which strives to make solar energy fully cost-competitive with other forms of energy by the end of the decade.

Under the RSCII project team name “Solar Ready II” (SRII), NARC, MARC, MCG, CSG, and nine regional planning councils (RPCs) will expand the proven collaborative approach of the 2012 Solar Ready KC Initiative to a national scale. Each of the nine RPCs will secure commitments from local governments to allow for the swift nationwide deployment of the Solar Ready KC Initiative’s proven techniques, best management practices (BMPs), training materials, and methods. The RPCs will offer training programs on solar BMP dissemination and implementation, focusing on permitting and interconnection processes, net metering and interconnection standards, financing options, and planning and zoning processes. SRII will demonstrate the ability of RPCs to produce positive change; facilitate national discussions among strategic state government representatives; determine public preference toward solar technology; and gauge public perception of potential market barriers. The final results of SRII will yield a reduction in solar market barriers, fewer soft costs, and a more streamlined and standardized process for multiple solar energy implementation options. Ultimately, SRII will provide new solar market access for ten million people across the U.S.

Solar Ready II Regional Partners

Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission Maricopa Association of Governments Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Mid-America Regional Council North Central Texas Council of Governments Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council
The regions participating in Solar Ready II include 13 diverse states and Washington, D.C. Click on each of the regions to learn more about their individual SRII projects, including BMPs, news updates, and regional scope.


Best Management Practices

The best management practices displayed below are  aimed at assisting the SRII team’s regional planning councils and their local governments who are implementing solar energy BMPs and other proven strategies, including zoning code improvements, solar access ordinances, building code improvements, streamlined and standardized permits and fees, financing, and many more.  Click HERE to see the complete list of BMPs!



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