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The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) serves eight counties in the greater Cincinnati region of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, and a population of 1.9 million residents. OKI is working with a diverse stakeholder group made up of solar industry, real estate owners, and financial lenders, architects, building code officials and zoning administrators to get the region solar ready.

Participating Local Jurisdictions

The partners listed below are currently participating in the SRII project Stakeholder Group facilitated by OKI.


Best Management Practices

OKI selected best management practices (BMPs), training materials, and methods applied in the 2012 Solar Ready KC Initiative that are applicable to the regions’ specific needs. Based upon 2014 Stakeholder Working Group input and series of focus groups, the following three BMPs were developed:

Central Information Source: The OKI Go Solar Ready is designed for local jurisdictions in order to make information on local solar codes, planning, etc. more accessible to residents, as well as to inform residents directly about rooftop solar energy.

OKI Solar Ready Construction Guidelines: This page and document provides local jurisdictions and builders with a list of guidelines on how to make new construction projects more solar-friendly.

OKI Solar Map: In an effort to provide property owners in the region with a better sense of the potential economic benefits of solar PV, a solar map of OKI’s 8 counties was created to allow users to select any building in the area and view the potential size, cost and production rate of a PV system on that building.


Additional Activities

Solarize Cincinnati

In addition to OKI’s BMPs, OKI project partner and stakeholder, the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, launched Solarize Cincinnati in December 2014.  The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance Solarize Cincinnati program makes purchasing solar panels for homeowners easy and affordable. The program is designed to take the guesswork out of a solar project for homeowners and helps them determine if a solar investment is right for them.

Solarize Cincinnati uses its network of local certified installers to provide free solar assessments. After the assessment, homeowners will receive a personalized installation proposal so they can weigh the costs and benefits of installing solar. Additionally, by bringing residents together, Solarize Cincinnati is able to use the power of bulk purchasing to drive down costs.

Kenton County Story Map

This story map explores the solar potential in Kenton County, a Solar Ready II partner jurisdiction. It identifies the total solar potential of Kenton County as a whole, the solar potential of individual cities, and the solar potential of city- and county-owned buildings. This project also identifies the five areas of the county that have the most solar potential, and what the key assumptions are in determining solar potential.

Solar Energy Focus Groups

OKI staff facilitated a series of focus groups over the course of several months to help further develop the selected Solar Ready II BMPs in a manner most feasible for the region. The focus groups included: Solar Industry, Real Estate Owners, Lenders, Architects and Builders, Building Code Officials, and Zoning Administrators.

Solar Ready Workshop – 2015

In 2015, OKI facilitated the OKI Solar Ready Workshop at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden – home of a 1.56 megawatt solar canopy, the largest publicly accessible urban solar array in the country.  30 jurisdictions were represented among the 113 people who attended the workshop. During the Workshop, presenters described local tools for enabling solar access; distributed the OKI Solar Ready Construction Guidelines during one of the workshop sessions; engaged lenders in sessions on incentives and financing tools for commercial and residential solar; and shared local solar success stories from our region in other sessions.


Financial Analysis

Financial analysis for the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments and Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. To see the complete Solar Ready II financial analysis click HERE.

Future Plans

OKI will continue to perform ongoing maintenance of OKI Solar Map and Go Solar Ready webpage materials as well as continue to provide technical support to communities implementing any of the Solar Ready BMPS. OKI will support City of Cincinnati SPARC application and activities and continue to monitor the number of system installations and solar capacity increases in the region using PUCO data.


Regional Contact Information

Email Travis Miller or call 513.621.6300, x110



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