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The Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council (SWFRPC) serves 22 local governments with a total population of 1.5 million. Through its SRII project, SWFRPC is building upon and complementing the State of Florida Statewide Energy Resiliency and Assurance Plan project. SWFRPC is striving to transform the solar energy market in Southwest Florida by eliminating the current market barriers, reducing balance of system costs, and making solar energy a real solution to the U.S. energy crisis.

Participating Local Jurisdictions

The cities and counties listed below are current participants of the SRII project under SWFRPC’s guidance. The following list includes municipalities that have completed a Solar Market Maturity Model survey, signed a commitment letter, and/or participated as a member of SWFRPC’s working group.


Best Management Practices

SWFRPC selected proven techniques, best management practices (BMPs), training materials, and methods applied in the 2012 Solar Ready KC Initiative that are applicable to the region’s needs. To support its municipalities, SWFRPC developed a comprehensive BMP implementation guide, which includes regionally specific templates for the Solar Ready Guidelines, Zoning Codes and Ordinances, and the Permit Checklist.

Develop Solar Ready Guidelines

Address Solar in the Zoning Code and Adopt a Solar Ordinance

Create a Permit Checklist

Central Information Source


Financial Analysis

Financial analysis for the Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council and Southwest Florida. To see the complete Solar Ready II financial analysis click HERE.

Future Plans

SWFRPC will continue to support the City of Sanibel’s, Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge Center’s Solarize Program, as well as Charlotte County’s Solarize Program initiative. In addition, the SWFRPC will promote the SPARC program, provide technical assistance through education to our local jurisdictions, and maintain the Solar Ready Florida website.


Regional Contact Information

Email Jennifer Pellechio or call 239.3382500, x218
Email Rebekah Harp or call 239.338.2550, x217


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