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Solar Ready Florida Promotes Renewable Energy Options
Florida Regional Councils Association Annual Report (p.21)

The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council (TBRPC) serves six counties in the West Central Florida area. TBRPC has partnered with Duke Energy, Tampa Electric, St. Petersburg Sustainability Council, Tampa International Airport, the Connection Partners, and University of Florida/IFAS Extension to get the Sunshine State solar ready.

Participating Local Jurisdictions

The cities and counties listed below are members of TBRPC’s solar workgroup and are actively engaged in implementing solar best management practices.

Best Management Practices

Building off of jurisdictions’ previous work in solar, TBRPC’s solar workgroup selected the following best management practices for the region:

Solar Ready Guidelines: By developing solar ready guidelines, local governments can inform builders and develops about construction techniques that can help homeowners and businesses avoid certain retrofitting costs if they choose to install a solar PV system after construction of a building is complete.

Central Information Source: Making permitting and building/zoning code information readily available, while simultaneously providing consumers with information to help them make informed decisions about installing solar systems is integral to effectively promote the implementation of solar projects in the region.

Local Lending and Finance: By engaging local lenders and evaluating solar finance options, TBRPC is striving to increase the number of potential solar PV customers in the region by making the up-front cost of purchasing systems more manageable.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis for the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council and Florida. To see the complete Solar Ready II financial analysis click HERE.

Future Plans

The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council will continue to monitor the state solar policy landscape and, when requested, provide technical assistance to local governments that wish to implement solar best management practices and otherwise improve solar PV market conditions in the Tampa Bay region. TBRPC will also continue to investigate issues related to the Tampa Bay region’s future energy supply and demand, and convene informational meetings, regional summits, etc. to inform local governments and other stakeholders about the role of solar PV in Tampa Bay’s energy future.

Regional Contact Information

Email Brady Smith or call 727.570.5151, x42



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