NARC supports a strong regional airline system to bring mobility to small and medium-sized communities, and provide system redundancy.   NARC will support airport construction and expansion projects to relieve congestion in the skies, improve safety, and lower system cost.  In 2006, the Federal Aviation Administration will be re-authorized, providing us a historic opportunity to reform the aviation system.

The Essential Air Service (EAS) program provides annual subsidies for scheduled commercial service to airports in rural and small communities that would otherwise not receive service. This program provides these communities with a crucial link to the nation and the world, allowing them to attract new residents and grow their economies.

The Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funds improvements to commercial airport facilities. These grants are a big part of what makes our modern air carrier system work. AIP should be better funded–or at least maintained–to ensure that our citizens will continue to enjoy safe, inexpensive, and speedy mobility.


National Airspace System: Regional Aviation Planning Could Help Address Congestion If Plans Were Integrated with FAA and Airport Decision Making (GAO, 2009)

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