This page is a portal to resources and materials for Rural Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs) and other rural transportation planning and service providers.

RTPO Enabling Legislation Project:

NARC is collecting state enabling legislation and agency bylaws for inclusion on this page.  Once complete, this section will be a unified source for current and prospective Rural Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs or RPOs) to draw upon for model legislation and bylaws.

Minnesota State Statutes- 471.59– Authorization for the formation of agencies that cross jurisdictional boundaries, including RTPOs.

Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 147–  Sections 147.610 through 147.680 (bottom of page) establish and authorize Area Development Districts in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Washington State Chapter 47– Chapter 47 deals specifically with the formation of rural transportation planning organizations.

North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 136, Article 17– A brief, but flexible statute that covers the formation of RTPOs.

Important Links:

Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)- Funded by FHWA and hosted the American Public Works Association, LTAP has a robust library of resources and programs for Rural and Tribal Transportation Agencies.

Economic Research Service– Maintained by the United States Department of Agriculture. This site has important information on rural transportation.

Rural Transportation Toolbox– An aggregation of data sources from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics

From the NARC Transportation Library:

Serving Rural America– A report from FHWA (.pdf, 10MB)

Planning for Transportation in Rural Areas: a Guide for Planning (.pdf, 1.3MB)


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