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Since 2011, NARC has been providing detailed, user-friendly information on the national debt, budget cuts and related issues. To continue this effort, we welcome you to use this federal budget sequestration PowerPoint to educate local elected and appointed Board members, staff, stakeholders and citizens involved in the regional planning process on what sequestration is, what its predicted effects are and what is happening in DC. Stay tuned as NARC will continue to push additional information on this topic.

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Sequestration Implementation
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Congressional Activity
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Sequestration Implementation:
  • OMB Memo to Federal Agencies on ongoing sequestration implementation, 4/4/13
  • NARC’s summary of sequestration reductions and implementation, as issued by the White House (updated March 4, 2013)
  • OMB Memo to Federal Agencies on reduction apportionments and technical instructions, 3/1/13
  • OMB Memo to Federal Agencies on issuance of sequestration, 3/1/13
  • OMB Report to Congress on reductions, transmitted 3/1/13
  • President’s Sequestration Order, issued 3/1/13
  • OMB Memo on Agency Responsibilities for Implementation, issued 2/27/13
  • OMB Memo to federal agencies on sequestration planning
  • OPM Guidance on federal agency furloughs due to sequester
  • Fact Sheet on the WARN Act – force reduction requirements for companies impacted by sequestration
NARC Resources:
NARC Activity:
Administration Activity:
  • Congressional Budget Office FAQ on sequestration budgetary and economic implications
  • White House State-by-State Sequestration Report
  • President Obama’s Sequester Plan
  • Agency letters to Senate Appropriations Committee re: impacts of Sequestration
  • Published Feb. 8: White House Fact Sheet on Sequestration Impact
Congressional Activity:
  • “Cancel the Sequester Act of 2013” (HR 900) would repeal it in its entirety
  • Rep. Issa (R-CA) Request for agencies to find alternative cuts to sequester, sent 2/28/13
  • S 16, Senate GOP Sequester Replacement bill
  • Summary of the “American Family Economic Protection Act” (S 388), the Senate D’s sequester replacement plan
  • Summary of the “Stop the Sequester Job Loss Now Act” (HR 699), the House D’s sequester replacement plan
  • Summary of the “Down Payment to Protect National Security Act” (S 263/HR 593)
  • Summary of the “Sequestration Flexibility Act” (HR 816)
  • House Democrat memo and talking points on sequester events during Feb. recess
  • House Appropriations Committee Democrats report on agency funding and personnel cuts
Association Partner and Other Resources:
  • Bipartisan Policy Center PowerPoint, “The Sequester: Mechanics and Impact
  • Washington Post Summary of Federal Agency Sequester Impacts.
  • Pew Research Center Public Poll on sequester.
  • U.S. Conference of Mayor’s letter and website.
  • National League of Cities webpage.
  • National Association of Counties webpage.
  • Politico webpage.
  • What Political Leaders are saying about sequester (from Politico)
Member Resources and Activities:
  • Centralina Council of Governments’ (CCOG) publishes article on sequestration’s impact to their aging programs.
  • Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and the Greater Washington Board of Trade joint letter to Congress on February 21, 2013
  • Maricopa Association of Government’s (MAG) analysis of the sequester impacts on Arizona.
  • NARC presentation to Florida Association of Regional Councils
  • Yakima Valley Conference of Governments (YVCOG) information regarding the impact of sequestration on Older Americans and a letter to Congress
  • Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) assessment of how sequestration would impact the bi-state Kansas City region
  • Denver Regional Council of Government (DRCOG) information on how sequestration would effect on Aging and Meals on Wheels programs and customizable template for other AAA’s to use

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