2019 State of the Union Address: NARC Supports Call for Infrastructure Development

Among multiple 2019 initiatives mentioned during his Tuesday night State of the Union Address, President Donald Trump spoke of his desire to work with Congress to develop bipartisan legislation to “deliver new and important infrastructure investment.” Emphasizing the critical nature of these improvements, the President added, “this is not an option. This is a necessity.”

 “Both parties should be able to unite for a great rebuilding of America’s crumbling infrastructure. I know that the Congress is eager to pass an infrastructure bill — and I am eager to work with you on legislation to deliver new and important infrastructure investment, including investments in the cutting edge industries of the future. This is not an option. This is a necessity.”

NARC strongly agrees that improvements to America’s infrastructure must be treated as a necessity rather than an option. Regions across the country critically need a wide range of improvements to infrastructure systems including transportation, water, energy, broadband, and public safety.

NARC looks forward to working with the Administration and Congress to develop a bipartisan infrastructure package in 2019.

Full text of the President’s remarks can be read here.