National Conference of Regions: In Photos

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Welcome to a special edition of Regional Councils: This Month in Photos!   2019 National Conference of Regions: In Photos (PDF) 

All of the photos in this edition are from NARC’s February National Conference of Regions. Inside you’ll find photos of the NARC members, conference speakers, and members of Congress and the Administration who made this year’s Conference of Regions memorable.

Each month, NARC publishes Regional Councils: This Month in Photos to highlight events and activities taking place in regions around the nation. This month we’re publishing two editions 

We feature regional council meetings, board retreats, meetings with state or federal elected officials, the opening of new facilities, special programs, awards, and anything else you view as important or fun to share with your colleagues.

If you would like your region included in Regional Councils: This Month in Photos, please send your photos and a brief description to Neil Bomberg at