NARC Board of Directors

The National Association of Regional Councils’ (NARC) Board of Directors is the governing body of the Association. The Board of Directors is composed of appointed and elected policy officials and Executive Directors of member organizations. All Past Presidents are ex-officio members of the Board.


Marge Vogt

Mid-America Regional Council

Robert Cannon

Southeast Michigan Council of Governments​

Senior Vice President
Joy Fuchs

Brazos Valley Council of Governments​

Vice President
Doug Hooker

Atlanta Regional Commission

Immediate Past President
Geof Benson

Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission​

Regional Representatives

District I (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT)
Open Seat

District II (DE, NJ, NY, PA)
Open Seat

District III (DC, MD, VA, WV)
Christian Dorsey

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

District IV (NC, SC)
Jennifer Robinson

Triangle J Council of Governments

District V (GA, FL)
Open Seat

District VI (IN, IL, MN, WI)
Justin Kiel

Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission

District VII (KY, TN)
Greg Terry

Purchase Area Development District​

District VIII (AL, AR, LA, OK, MS)
Karen Keith

Indian Nations Council of Governments​

District IX (MI, OH)
Chris Barnett

Southeast Michigan Council of Governments

District X (TX)
Chris Schuchart

Alamo Area Council of Governments​​

District XI (IA, KS, MO) Carol Vinton

Metropolitan Area Planning Agency​​

District XII (ID, MT, NE, ND, SD, WY)
Garret Nancolas

Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho​

District XIII (AZ, CO, NV, NM, UT)
Bob Stevenson

Wasatch Front Regional Council​

District XIV (CA) Fred Strong

San Luis Obispo Council of Governments

District XV (OR, WA) Brad Hill​

Yakima Valley Conference of Governments​

At-Large Representatives

Lee Constantine Commissioner, Seminole County, FL​

East Central Florida Regional Planning Council, MetroPlan Orlando​​​​

Julie Pierce Council Member, City of Clayton, CA

Association of Bay Area Governments​

Alan Wapner, Council Member, City of Ontario, CA

Southern California Association of Governments

Bill Zoslocki Councilmember, City of Modesto, CA​

Stanislaus Council of Governments​


National Association of Counties Appointee
Open Seat

National League of Cities Appointee
Open Seat​

Board Composition

  • Regional and At-Large Directors: Nineteen policy officials from the governing bodies of the members – 15 shall be from members located within each of the 15 NARC regions; four shall be elected as At-Large.
  • Officers: President, President-Elect, Senior Vice President, Vice President (Chair of the Executive Directors Council), and Secretary (Executive Director of NARC).
  • Immediate Past President: Immediate Past President, provided that he/she is still a member of, or endorsed by, their regional council or metropolitan planning organization.
  • Representatives of the Executive Directors Council: Four members of the Executive Directors Council shall serve as voting members on the Board – the Chair, the two Vice Chairs and the Immediate Past Chair.
  • Representative of the National League of Cities: A local elected official appointed annually by the National League of Cities.
  • Representative of the National Association of Counties: A local elected official appointed annually by the National Association of Counties.
  • Representative of the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations: One director shall be appointed annually by the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations